Al Bidda Tower

The Al Bidda Tower is a modern skyscraper located at the West Bay business district in the city of Doha, Qatar. It is currently the 13th tallest building in Qatar and is a dominant structure on the Doha skyline. It is built to function as a commercial office building to accommodate the increasing business activity in the city.

Al Bidda Tower Profile

Groundbreaking rites to start the construction of the Al Bidda Tower began sometime in 2005. Actual construction of the building started in 2006. By 2009, the building was completed and then opened to the public. Architectural firm GHD Global Pty. Ltd. designed the Al Bidda Tower. It stands 215 meters tall and is composed of 43 floors above ground. Many of its modern features make the tower one of the more advanced and striking skyscrapers in the area today.

Al Bidda Tower Features

What makes the Al Bidda Tower quite striking is the modern twisting structure that gives it a unique visual element. Although it is not the first building of such design in the world, it stands out all by itself in a rapidly developing skyline in Doha. The building seems to rotate ad every level to create the twisting design, highlighted by a diagonal glass curtain wall with the idea derived from the concept of a tornado.

The structure of the Al Bidda Tower is set up using a floor-plate system that increases in size and rotates in its position as the tower rises. This resulted in a structure that seems to twist in the middle going upwards. Because of its design, the floor areas from the top and the bottom are larger than the middle levels. The tower comes with a Ground floor area accommodating a double-height entrance lounge for tenants and visitors coming into the building. It houses many commercial establishments as well as space for the administration offices and other function rooms for tenants and guests. A majority of the middle levels serve as office spaces. The 22th intermediate floor functions as the mechanical floor that accommodates the low-rise elevators. There are 11 elevators available to service the tenants. These are divided into low-rise and high-rise elevators to equally service tenants on the different levels.
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